I have always wanted to go to Europe to see all of the historical sites and monuments and experience the different culture from each country. As a horticulture student,  I have listened to lectures and seen photos of the different landscapes and gardens that are used in the USA that were influenced by gardens and landscapes in Europe, such as Italian Renaissance and Arts and Crafts. After taking these classes, I wanted to go to Europe even more because I wanted to see these gardens in real life and explore every garden to see what made that garden memorable and a great influence to people. Each garden I visited on this study abroad was amazing and memorable. The gardens and professors opened my eyes to see the endless ideas and designs I could use to create memorable gardens for myself and others. My favorite garden style is Arts and Crafts because it brings wild and free informal gardens and symmetrical and geometric shape formal gardens together to create a garden that has wild flower beds and hedges growing together in harmony.  I can not wait to see all of the gardens and landscapes that create with what I learned on my trip in Europe.