In Ecuador, they don’t say “adios” or “hasta luego”, like I so often learned in Spanish classes. Instead, when parting ways, they say “ciao”, which is like saying, “see ya!” or “bye!” This is just one small lesson that I learned during my time there, and is one small memory of many that I take with me. Beyond the many souvenirs, I brought back amazing photos, new cultural appreciation, a renewed love for bugs, and many new friends. All those people writing blogs about the 2018 Ecuador trip? Those are my friends now! The experiences they loved so much? I loved those too. I can never thank UGA or the people of Ecuador on our trip for making this adventure possible. While I dream of going back, it is “adios” (the more permanent goodbye greeting) for now.

Thank you for reading along! I hope you, dear reader, can explore the beauty of Entomology in Ecuador and the Galápagos soon!