I decided when buying my plane ticket for my study abroad to extend my stay in Europe. I figured if I was going to be paying to fly to Europe I might as well get the most out of my ticket. I could not imagine however, that the class I took would propel me into the rest of my summer. We visited perhaps twenty gardens over the seventeen days of our study abroad and while I anticipated the class would change my perspective of gardens, I did not think it would inspire me to seek out other gardens in Europe once the class was over. Since the Study Abroad ended 7 days ago I have visited six gardens throughout Scotland and will visit two more before I leave. I will attend at least another four after I leave Scotland. I feel as if I am still in class. With the information I learned in class, I feel I can self guide myself whether the garden is historic or botanical, I now understand how to navigate gardens and that has made all the difference. I feel as if I have just entered another section of my course, a lesson in self reflection and while the class is done, the studying is far from over.