Having come back from Ecuador, I can say that all of my anxieties before the trip were unnecessary. While I did miss my friends a lot while I was gone, I was able to make several friends that I think I will keep even past the boundaries of the trip. I also was able to navigate through several conversations in Spanish, even if they weren’t all perfect. This was the second time in my life I’ve been to South America, and definitely one of the most memorable vacations in my life. From the idyllic Galapagos Islands with all of their wildlife and volcanic rock to the insanely humid Amazon to the cool, cloudy Maquipucuna, I enjoyed every location and part of this trip. After I got home, I couldn’t stop talking to my family about the trip for hours. Eventually, I completely passed out, because that same day our flight back from Ecuador had been delayed four hours and I had gotten less than two hours of sleep in the previous twenty-four hours. While the trip was amazing, I am incredibly exhausted and excited to be home and to be able to rest for the remainder of the summer. Having taken a cross-country road trip earlier this summer and having just finished this trip, it will be very nice to be able to sit back and enjoy my July in Atlanta.