I am officially back at home. What an adventure I encountered while in Toulouse, France. I did not limit myself to just Toulouse either on the weekends, I visited Nice, France on the Mediterranian Sea along with London. I took NINE planes over the course of the 3 weeks. What I would give to do it all over again?! It was truly once in a lifetime opportunity to be around others who thrive to see other cultures and embrace them. I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to jump on a plane to other countries in less than a weeks notice. I felt like the real-life Lizzie McGuire. As a 90’s baby, I also enjoyed the Lizzie McGuire movie and watching her travel Europe. My best friend at home gave me the greatest compliment by saying, “I was the real-life Lizzie McGuire,” concerning I was giving this opportunity. Honestly, this is an opportunity I would have never been able to receive if it was not from my “village” at home and the University of Georgia. College was ALWAYS the goal, but I knew it would be difficult financially to get there. Studying abroad was always a dream because I never thought I would have the opportunity because of the financial commitment. I am beyond grateful for those who helped turn my dream into a reality. Studying abroad is such an enriching experience that has forever changed my perspective on the world and has made my soul thirsting for more!


After being in Toulouse for almost a month, I am continuously comparing things at home to France. I think I’ve even said, “Pardon” and “excusez-moi” more times than I can count. It is a transition coming back home, but I am thankful to return home to be able to fully reflect on my journey. My loved ones have enjoyed hearing all the stories from my adventure. These are stories I will continue to tell for many years. These are the stories I will tell my future grand-babies! Here and now is all we have in this life and studying abroad made me feel alive in those moments.

My next journey will be beginning teaching agriculture education at Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School in July. I cannot wait to share my knowledge of international agriculture with my future kiddos!


Thank you UGA for believing in me and pushing me to my full potential!