Hello! My name is Ben Grady, and I will be headed to Ecuador tomorrow! I am very excited to have the opportunity to visit another country with people I have never met before. I am nervous about meeting new people and having to make new friends, but I think that will end up being perfectly fine. I am also nervous about being in a fully Spanish-speaking country for three weeks only having taken two Spanish classes so far. It will truly be a real-world test of my Spanish abilities. I imagine that even if it difficult for me to communicate, I will have guides to translate when I need it, but I would like to be able to communicate and understand for myself, for the most part.

As of this moment, I am fully packed, and sitting in the airport. Of all of the things I am nervous about, the biggest one is being without my friends for three weeks. I know that I’ll be fine, I just worry that I’ll miss them too much and feel sad. However, regardless of how I feel about them while I’m gone, they’ll be here when I get back, and that will be great!