HELP WANTED! How do you condense ten fantastic days on the road in breathtaking Scotland down to one blog post. CONCLUSION: You can’t! So here is what I’ve decided to do, take the best moments and break them down into a few different categories: sweet memories, shock-factors, laughable moments, and lessons learned.

Sweet Memories:

  1. Little Elsa with the card.
  2. Teacher gifts.
  3. Owen telling us that Americans are the standard.


  1. Americans are easily noticeable.
  2. Questions about politics.
  3. Luggage on the trains.
  4. How quiet the cities were.

Laughable moments:

  1. The amount of times we visited the grocery store.
  2. Lion King.
  3. Karaoke

Lessons Learned:

  1. We don’t give kids enough credit.
  2. Action without reflection is just a waste of time.
  3. Photos don’t capture the experience.