Not often do I feel anxiety about going on an adventure. I attempt to pursue life with gumption and confidence, however I recall the day I decided I was going to take the European art and Garden tour study abroad. I called both my parents and told them that I was thinking about taking this tour but just needed someone to push me; I needed someone to confirm that what I was about to do was a good idea. Like great parents, they met me with nothing but support and overwhelming encouragement. This post is actually being made from the airport 45 minutes before I take off bound for Europe. I think about the counties I’m about to visit (about 8 in the span of two and a half months) and try to bring to my imagination what I’m about to see and experience but cannot. I am excited about this study abroad because I know these are waters I have not tread. I know there are people to be met, meals to be eaten, and gardens to be seen all of which I cannot currently imagine. Until the trip commenses there is nothing to be said. All is yet to be seen.