After the Grand Tour

During the long journey home, I had plenty of time to reflect on my European experience and the impacts it would have in my day-to-day life. Obviously, I learned so much academic material from the lectures. I gained so much knowledge about history, art, and garden design that I had not known about before. But what is probably more impactful than that knowledge is the experiences I had traveling and all of the lessons that came from those situations. Most of the trip, I had to operate out of my comfort zone, which only equipped me to better handle future situations. Things like forcing myself to order food in French and figuring out the public transport systems only asserted that I am capable of more things than I thought. Returning home, I have new found confidence in myself. Being exposed to the many cultures and learning how they differed from ours in the United States was very eye-opening as well. There are countless characteristics about European life that I would like to incorporate in my own back in Athens. This trip was truly unforgettable and life-changing. I feel so grateful to have been able to take part in it.