On the last day of this excursion I was more than excited to return home. All that Costa Rica had to offer was fully engrossed within me. From the vast blue oceans and rivers to the green forested and mountainous terrains to the plethora of wildlife species I was overwhelm and homesick. Three weeks tends to pass by with no remembrance but this had to be the longest 3 weeks I’ve had in quite some time. The overall trip had been breathtakingly exhausting. By the end of the 2nd week my body had became numb and my heart saddened. Even though I was grateful to have journeyed to such a scenic world and acquire so much new found knowledge, home was calling. Everyday we woke early and climbed hard. We would come across different agricultural fields and local natives that further allowed us to dive into the culture. We would go out into the heart of each city in search of the local species. Sometimes finding them quickly and other times searching for hours and hours with no avail.  My mental anticipation was met with physical exertion. In the mist of things I maintained my smile because I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that many others would have love to participated in and that this would stay with me forever. Once we landed back into the states and I saw my family awaiting for me there was no greater appreciation of being home with loved ones. I was eager to tell and show them the many things I had done and learned.