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Pre-Departure for the Grand Tour

In those weeks leading up to the day you finally set out to leave for your big trip, there’s so many emotions that run through your mind. Mostly excitement, enthusiasm, wanderlust, and anticipation. You can’t wait to set out on your big journey. For me, it was all fun and excitement right up until the day before my flight and I’m standing in my room staring at my empty suitcase, totally afraid. The reality finally set in and I said, “I changed my mind… I don’t wanna go!”

I pushed through that feeling, even though it lasted until I was in the airport pulling my bags out of the back of the car. Something changed when I set foot inside the airport itself though and I’m not sure what is was. . I looked around at the hustle and bustle of the airport and watched all the people coming and going to all sorts of destinations across the globe. What had begun as pure excitement and changed into fear suddenly transitioned back into pure excitement and I suddenly felt like I had the ability to go anywhere in the world that I wanted.