As I sit at my cubicle at work, I cannot help but think back to the fun times in Cortona! Cortona was the perfect place for me to study abroad this summer. It was a relaxing trip! Cortona is such a welcoming place, and everyone there treats you like family! Also the UGA Cortona campus is at the top of the hill, which is quite the work out but you will fit in because everyone in Italy walks everywhere! I think everyone in Cortona was in shape because of the cobblestone walkways and intense hills around every corner.

For anyone reading this post as they are anxious about their upcoming study abroad- my advice is to just go with the flow! Don’t be anxious and hold yourself back. Make the most of every moment because you don’t know if you will ever have the opportunity to return to Europe! Take time to get to know the locals, your fellow students, and make Cortona or wherever you travel the best experience it can be.

I cannot wait until I return to Cortona again someday. When I was there I met some people who were visiting Cortona four years after they studied abroad at the UGA Campus! I hope that is me someday soon!