Last year when my friends came back from their Spring Break trip to Uruguay, they were raving about what an incredible experience they had had. Now I have to be honest, if I could have picked anywhere on a map to travel to, I would probably not have pointed to this tiny little South American country. But there was something about the stories I heard and the lessons others shared from their experiences that struck a chord inside me and made me yearn to experience the country myself. So, I packed up my bags and here I was sitting in the airport on my way out of the country for the first time. I knew no Spanish and only the basic facts about the country itself. Surprisingly though, I felt very little anxiety and much more excitement for the new adventure (and learning experience) ahead of me. I knew I had a great group of students and professors surrounding me and felt confident that I was in for an incredible week. With a book bag full of snacks, my carry-on suitcase and one of my best friends next to me, I boarded the plane that would lead me to one of the most incredible experiences of my life.