It has been nine days since returning from Scotland. I wish more than anything that I could return. Every day, I find myself reflecting on my experience and how the Scottish culture continues to make an impact on my thinking in regards to agriculture, education, and society as a whole. While I love America and the opportunities we are afforded, Scotland was a breath of fresh air, quite literally, that I never knew I needed. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t help but miss the place that I fell in love with in such a short time.

I loved the gorgeous views.


I loved the feeling of historical significance every where I looked.


I loved the students, their hunger for knowledge, and their desire to make Scotland feel like home for “the Americans”.

And most of all, I love the people I got the chance to experience Scotland with.

Although I miss Scotland dearly, I know that a part of it will never leave me. As I journey into my future, I know that this experience will help me shape better decisions as an Agricultural Educator for my students to come. And knowing how deeply an impression was made by just one country, I can’t help but wonder and wait to see the rest of the world and its impact on my life.