I am so excited to be leaving tomorrow for a week long trip all over Georgia learning about AG! We will be visiting all kinds of operations from greenhouses and an onion farm to an alligator farm and a dairy! One of the places that we will be visiting I had the opportunity to research before the trip. Wolf Mountain Vineyard, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a successful, family owned operation. They produce several varieties of wine and also offer their beautiful venue up for weddings, and corporate or other meetings. The business is run by the parents, son, daughter, and son in-law where each member has a different aspect of the company that they are in charge of, allowing everything to run smoothly. Their wine is such high quality that it has won over 25 state and national wine awards. They focus more on quality vs. quantity and take special, individual care of each vine to produce their sought-after wine. They often sell out of their wine due to it’s popularity. Their unique wine making process that is more labor intensive, yet yielding a truly special product. Besides this, the venue’s beautiful location and buildings bring several wedding parties to the vineyard each year. I cannot wait to see this beautiful vineyard and learn more about the process of how they are producing their wine, that everyone loves!

– K