The day is finally here, and I am going to Costa Rica! I found out that I was accepted into this program over the summer, which did not feel that long ago. Now fast forward five months and I am all packed and heading to the airport. Before I left Athens I was trying to get all of my academic affairs in order, but I ended up just getting up and leaving right in the middle of everything. I have come to the realization that, sometimes in order to do the things you most want to do in life, you just gotta go. Thus, I have found acceptance in the fact that I missed my Friday class, have an unfinished paper, an untouched group project, and other uncompleted class work all due when I get back.

With all of that said, I could not be more excited for these next 10 days in the tropical country of Costa Rica. I have never participated in a study abroad during my college career, so I am looking forward to see how learning in a non-traditional setting works; however, completing a study abroad has always been a goal of mine since I enrolled at the University of Georgia.

I rushed out of my Athens apartment to go to my parent’s home on Thursday night, and now I am doubting all what I packed for the trip. I am not even sure if I brought socks aside from the ones I am wearing now (Oh well… I am sure it will be fine). Finally at the airport and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Break.

Adios America!