1. If you learn anything, know what a cajuela is.
  2. Appreciate wi-fi and warm showers.
  3. You better love rice and beans.
  4. Bring rain gear.
  5. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

This is my advice to you, future travelers. Costa Rica was a country that gave me everything. I was able to experience the city, the country, the big farms, the small farms, and make many friends that I cannot wait to meet again in the States. I learned the entire coffee process, the different types of companies within the industry, and how to find what type of coffee is best for you. Personally, I enjoyed the turkish brewing method with a dark roast to get a deep, earthy, slightly bitter flavor to wake me up in the morning. However, not everyone agreed with me, and that was okay! I learned to accept other’s opinions and better understand how people think. I believe this will develop me more professionally in that I will be a better team player in my work and school environment. I came home with a full stomach and full duffel bag of coffee, as well as a handful of new Facebook friends that I am looking forward to remain in touch with! I hope to teach others about sustainability, such as recycling, as well as how to better appreciate the “sunshine in your mouth” that is our delicious coffee: from bean to cup!


¡Pura Vida, y me encanta Costa Rica!img_0716