Now that we have settled back in at home the states, I have had some time to reflect back on my experiences this summer in France. I feel as though I could talk for days about our travels and still never be able to tell you the full story of our experience. Many lessons were learned, friendships formed, and plenty of coffee consumed. Traveling to France for this study abroad was fulfilling my final requirements to graduate in the summer. I viewed it as one final opportunity to spend time with a great group of people while learning about issues that we are deeply passionate about. With that being said, I must confess that France offered many opportunities for personal growth. As you can imagine, one learns a good bit about themselves when immersed in a new culture. I am confident that those experiences have made me a more well rounded individual. We could not have asked for better hospitality from those at ENSAT, students and teachers alike. I am grateful for the many farmers and producers who gave of their time to teach us about their operations. Their agriculture industry has a unique structure that we can take many lessons from. Just as many Americans, they are passionate about the work they do and understand the role of agriculture in an ever changing world. I am thankful for my three weeks in France and would not trade my experience for the world. Thank you, France, see you soon!

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