Since I left the United States, I have had the date June 4th stuck in my mind. That would be the day I would arrive in Atlanta, exhausted, souvenirs in hand, hopefully greeting my family. When we left in May, it felt so far away. And now that day is here. Here I am sitting in the Rome Airport waiting to board. There is an overwhelming atmosphere of happiness, sadness, and sleepiness. So many of us are reminiscing on our favorite memories, from the locals we met, to the field trips we took, or even that unforgettable meal.

For me, I look back with a smile, a full mind, and an incredibly happy stomach. I learned more in these three and a half weeks than I have in some semester long classes. We had great professors, a tight knit group, and countless adventures. I got to see the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, truly one of the most beautiful sights in the world. I decided to hop on a train to Florence an hour before it left. I tried every tiramisu I could. To say this was an incredible trip would be an understatement. What a month. I am so grateful for each early morning rush to lecture and late night in the common room. Thank you Cortona. Thank you UGA.