When your grandmother gives all the kids two pound blocks of cheese for Christmas one year, you know your family might like cheese a little (or a lot). Needless to say when I found out that one of our all day field trips in France was to visit the Roquefort cheese caves, I (and my grandmother) was ecstatic. However, when I got to France and realized they produced more than 400 types of chese in the country, I knew I had picked the right place to study abroad. The French eat cheese with every meal I have learned. They start with a light appetizer followed up by an entree then a cheese plate and a dessert. These cheese plates typically include three to four cheeses and are served with bread and often jam. I think over the course of this trip I have tried probably 20 to 25 cheeses and I love it. The cheese caves in Roquefort were especially amazing as we got to learn about how that specific type of bleu cheese is produced and all the time and work that goes into it. Touring the caves was absolutely one of my favorite things on this trip so far, and not only because we got to try cheese at the end!