La Selva is an adventure. It is also the place that I dubbed Home with Bigger Mosquitos because it is just as muggy as South Georgia, and I was actually great fun for the bug suit my father insisted that I bring that I insisted I wouldn’t wear. ( I was wrong)We have a nice cabin, even though I miss AC. The food is good as well, and I’m certain that once I am home I’ll go through fresh fruit withdrawal. The most exciting and greatest bonding experience we have had here shall be called The Attack of the Ants.

We were on a night hike and had just seen a Fer-de-Lance a very venomous snake in Costa Rica. We moved past after trying to take pictures without dying/ getting bitten ( there wasn’t any real danger… unless you decided to do something exceptionally stupid like poke it with a stick). We followed the trail for a while, and then we heard an owl. We of course stopped to try to see the owl and that is when the ants attacked. We had gotten too close to their nest, and they proceeded to grab on to pants leg after pants leg ensuring that we did not escape or at least trying. Some realized the true meaning of ants in my pants, and we all learned not to stop and gawk in the jungle at night. Now how was this a bonding experience? We then pick ants off of each each mimicking the plethora of monkeys that we had seen around the cabin. This was mildly traumatic at first, but after a purchase of raid just in case the ants sought vengeance, it became an adventure that most of us laughed about and none of us will ever forget.