The airplane touched down on Saturday morning, and my excitement skyrocketed! We were finally in Uruguay! I have been contemplating what this was going to be like, and now, it was time to make it a reality. The first two days in the country have been great and I have already learned so much.

My biggest struggle, though, is being immersed in a culture and language I do not understand. I am the one who sticks out here. My slow-talking American accent and the fact that I am speaking English turns heads no matter where I go. It’s funny; when I am at home, I never think of others who are visiting or who are from other cultures. I just figure they find a way to fit in, but I never think about how lost they truly must feel. When we sat down to eat dinner last night, there were maybe 3 items on the menu that I could recognize. “Whoa,” I thought. “I don’t even know how to order here”. This realization is going to help me to be more gracious and understanding in the future. I hope during this week, I will be able to communicate a little more effectively within the Uruguayan community.

Tomorrow, we really get to start learning about the agriculture industry and begin to tour farms. I can’t wait! 12801477_10206003491911825_221476807477444824_n