T-Minus 3 days until I board a plane to Uruguay…a place that speaks a different language, eats different food, and where its citizens wardrode isn’t mostly jeans, t-shirts and cowboy boots. That can be a little nerve racking, especially for a girl from a small town in Southeast Georgia. I remember coming to UGA and sitting in a mandatory “Study Abroad” session thinking, ” Wow! That looks fun but I have no money”. That was until I heard about the CAES Dean’s Promise to help students go abroad and thats when I realized that maybe getting to spend a week in Uruguay wasn’t so far out of reach. It took a lot of convincing, but my parents finally agreed and now here I am packing my suitcase, counting down the days till I leave for Uruguay. Packing has been quite a challenge, because as I mentioned above most people in Uruguay don’t wear jeans and t-shirts all the time so, what was I suppose to wear? After staring at my closet for an hour I came up with about 3 shirts to wear over 9 days and came to the conclusion that I had to go shopping. Now I sit here looking at the half packed suitcase just waiting on me to finish washing clothes and I realize that I may have bought too many shirts…go figure. As I conclude my pre-departure blog post all I can think is wow, t-minus 3 days till I board a plane to what’s sure to one of the best experiences of my life! So I would like to thank my family and CAES for helping me learn that there is a world outside of Georgia and for making this trip possible!