Happy Thanksgiving! I am currently writing this blog post from the outdoor recreation area on the UGA campus here in San Luis, Costa Rica. I am not sure if it is the sun shining down on me, beautiful landscape I can see from this elevation on campus, or sounds of the birds chirping around me, but all this beauty in nature is making me reflect on the amazing experience I have had so far here in Costa Rica.

I cannot believe in such a short time, I have already learned so much about coffee production and technology as well as local culture on this trip. Yes, I may be getting a little tired of eating the same meal of rice and beans every day, but I am truly taking in every bit of the cultural atmosphere here that I can.

I cannot believe in the short time we have been here that I have already learned about the following topics as they relate to coffee:

-Agriculture and Sustainability


-Processing Technology

-Roasting and Brewing Methods

-Packaging and Marketing

I can say without a doubt that I truly am thankful for the opportunity to experience this study abroad program and the close connections I have made with friends on this trip. But most of all, I am proud to call myself an Ag Dawg.

Coffee Roasting  Raking beans