While we sit on the bus each and every day, putting our lives into Javier (the galcho of bus drivers) hands it dawns on me just how lucky each and everyone of us is to be here. The scenery is breathtaking, from the farm lands all the way down to the sea lions basking in the sun on the beaches which surround the marina. Uruguay is like a little European farm town, the people are as nice as can be, even if we can’t understand a single thing that they are saying they smile and each person that we have met, with so much sincerity and passion, extends the invitation for us to return and stay with them again. Aside from the scenery and the networking that we are partaking in the extensive knowledge and hands on experiences that we are getting to have is what makes this trip unlike any other that I have been on. Learning about the basics of how Uruguay produces their meet, seeing different scale farms and the productivity of grass fed beef were all essential to a trip about “Sustainable Beef and Grain Production” but the best parts about being here are learining about the things that were not advertised ahead of time. Chavitos, the grills, and how they searve meet