Today is the day I leave for Costa Rica, I can’t even believe it! When I signed up for the trip last Spring, I did not realize how quickly it would come around.  Going to another country is always stressful with the packing process because of variant weather and endless general unknowns, but with the help of past participants I think I have covered my bases. I am leaving for the airport in about an hour and a half, and after many lists, deliberations, and double checks I am finally packed. Though I am 95% I am overpacked, I believe that equals over-prepared, which is always better than under-prepared. Now that the packing is finished my excitement is mounting and I am ready to have the time of my life in the rainforest.

I have studied abroad 1 other time on the Viticulture trip in Europe, and that opened my mind and palette so much to the world of wine. I am looking to gain some of this similar knowledge about coffee on this trip. Being able to truly taste and interpret coffee and understand how it is grown and processed will only allow me to appreciate it more. I am also really excited to explore another culture through the people and the food associated with it. I am sad to miss Thanksgiving with my family, but the wealth of knowledge and experience I will gain is worth this sacrifice. Overall all I’m super excited and stoked for Costa Rica!


I’ll catch you guys on the flip side, in the rainforests of Monteverde, Costa Rica!