While staying on the UGA campus in Costa Rica, we stayed in dorm-like rooms with roommates.  The rooms were very nice, however, you needed a flashlight to travel around campus at night because they had limited outside lighting and it got very dark in the mountains where we were.  Campus was beautiful and the main facility had the cafeteria, kitchen, library, and computer room.  I loved all of they food they served on campus and I never got tired of eating rice and beans for every meal.  In Costa Rica (and on campus) they had a sauce called Lizano.  It was a vinegar based sauce and I put it on my rice and beans every day.  I brought home two bottles of that sauce because I loved it so much.  They would also serve fruit and other food that was locally grown.  We even milked a cow one morning and that cow provides the milk used on campus.  All of the food was so fresh and delicious.  Also, the hot chocolate was probably the best hot chocolate I have ever had.  It was so good.  I will miss all of the delicious food we had in Costa Rica.