As I prepare for my trip to Costa Rica so many things are running through my mind.  Although my main concern this week is taking care of my immense amount of school work before I go,  I am also concerned about packing.  We were provided with a detailed packing list of everything we would possibly need and I’m still worried I’ll forget something important. I also am unsure of what clothing I need to bring since it’s going to be mild weather, warm enough for shorts but cold enough for pants.. what a dilemma! I also borrowed some hiking boots from my mom, so hopefully those won’t kill my feet!  I am so excited to be privileged enough to go on this trip.  I love coffee and cannot wait to learn all the steps involved in producing it first hand.  I am somewhat nervous about the language barrier considering I speak no spanish whatsoever.  I don’t think it will matter that much and I’m sure someone in my group speaks spanish.  I’m happy that I’m on the flights with most of the other people in my group so that I won’t have to man the airports on my own.  Though I’m sad I can’t be with my family for my favorite holiday, this is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I cannot wait to get started!  See you in a week, Costa Rica!

-Ellison C.