Well, we have left Paris and London. Both were amazing cities. Both were a lot bigger than home. Surprisingly, I learned how to use the subway systems in both towns. I learned a lot about both towns and had a great time but now we are off to Edinburgh, Scotland; however, before I get into Edinburgh I just want to reflect a little bit about both Paris and London.
Paris was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It was very spread out, yet a very walk able city. The Metro system line was right beside our hotel, which made it very convenient to get around. We went to all the touristy places: the Eiffel Tour, Arch de Triumph, Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral. I especially enjoyed the Army Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral. The Army Museum told the stories of millions of French soldiers over the period of hundreds of years. It showed the progression of the French people from the times of early France to World War Two. The museum also housed the tomb of the great French general Napoleon, which was definitely a site to see for sure. The Notre Dame Cathedral was especially special to me. My friend and I took part in Mass at the Cathedral on a Sunday evening with the Arch Bishop of France. It was a very moving experience and I will never forget the formality and holiness of the time I spent during Mass. Paris was a great town and I enjoyed the food much more in Paris than in Italy; however, next I was off to London.
London was the highlight of my trip. The history of the British Empire is hard to match and easy to see throughout the city. The people of London are a proud people and should be for good reasons. We again toured all the touristy places: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, and the London Eye. We especially enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes museum; however, the highlight of my day was when I got to tour Arsenal Football Club’s Stadium and catch a soccer game at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. As and avid soccer fan, it was truly a surreal experience to visit these places that I had only been able to visit virtually before by way of video game. I could not believe I was actually able to be apart of the storied London Football scene. Sadly, my time in London had to end, but I am thankful at the same time because I am not sure my wallet could have handled any more damage in souvenir purchases.
I cannot believe I was able to visit two of the largest and most storied cities in the world. I learned so much about both places in regards to architecture, history, and garden design. Both places allowed for great experiences to occur in my life and I thoroughly plan on returning at some point in my life. My trip is now in the final stretch. We will visit Scotland and Ireland in the coming days before I make the long flight back home to Atlanta and the hour drive home to Forsyth, Georgia. I am thankful for all of my experiences so far and I am excited to continue to see what is in store for the coming days.