I have been in China for five weeks and I would say that it has been an experience. Usually when people travel to a different country they experience what you would call a culture shock…in my opinion I have not experienced that. Yes, there are many things here that are different than what I am used to at home but that was to be expected. The first big difference I noticed was the type of food they served for breakfast. I guess you could say I didn’t know what to expect…maybe I was expecting a better version of pancakes and eggs. I woke up the morning of May 13, 2013 and was presented with noodles, steamed buns (some of which were stuffed) and conjee which is porridge. From here on out this would be my breakfast. Goodbye pancakes, bacon, eggs, omelets…all American food! 🙁

I originally arrived to China with a group of students from UGA and two professors. I was comfortable being with these students…not feeling so alone being in a foreign country on my own. When it was time for us to go our seperate ways they went back to America and I returned to Shanghai. I am currently living in the international dorms on campus and meeting students from all over the world. The language barrier is a bit of a problem but charades has come in handy when I really need to get my point across. I came to China for two reasons and I’ve already fulfilled one. My research internship has started. There are a number of other students in the lab but I feel a sense of disconnect because I am not able to properly communicate with them. My roommate is Vietnamese and speaks very little English. I find it funny that we use Google Translate to communicate.

Thus far, the greatest experience I’ve had is being able to improve the English of a professor here on campus. Initially, I was hesitant to help because I am not a teacher. But after careful consideration I decided to do it! His English is not bad at all he just needs practice with conversation and being able to listen and understand.  This is a new experience for me and it has been an honor to serve as his teacher!

– Until Next Time!


1) Dr. Ames, Grace and Danaya and I at the Great Wall.