I’ve always known I’ve loved the good ole USA, but I didn’t realize how much I would miss it while I was gone. While I was gone, however, I learned so many things. Costa Rica is such a beautiful place, and the things I saw there can’t be matched anywhere in the States. After being there for three weeks, the ways of the Costa Rican people became more normal to me, and it’s kind of weird that rice and beans won’t be on my plate for every meal. As I’m sitting in my air conditioned house, I had to grab a blanket because I was actually cold (that’s never happened before). My DVR has lists on lists of shows that I’ve missed while being out of the country (The Bachelorette started last week). My dog looked at me a little strange when I walked in the door, and my friends and family have a million and one questions about my trip. Readjusting to my life here might take a little while, but I’m glad to start to get my life back to normal. All in all, Costa Rica was a great experience, and I’m so lucky to have been able to go.