I have never been more than a few hundred miles from home. Toulouse is about 4500 miles from home, so I’m probably in for a big culture shock. Right now, I’m a little anxious about the trip because I’ve been on a plane 4 times in my life, never over an hour and a half. I think it’ll all hit me in the morning on the way to the airport. I’ll probably freak out or something. I feel like i forgot something and I won;t know what it is until I need it, so that should be fun, like an adventure within an adventure. I’m actually most worried about my dog. He has pretty bad anxiety problems and doesn’t like to be away from me. I hope he can behave so that I can actually enjoy myself. Now I know how my parents have felt all these years. I took a French class in 7th grade for 9 weeks. The only thing I remember is how to count, but hopefully they’ll teach us what we need to know. I’m sure we’re in good hands.

Derek E.