Hello all! I am concluding my packing for the Costa Rica trip and preparing to leave the country tomorrow. I am slightly apprehensive because I have never left the country before, but I’m excited by the possibilities. I am nervous that I have not packed all of the things I will need when I’m there. I have crammed everything into a backpacking pack and a duffel bag and tried to minimize the weight. I have followed the packing list as closely as possible, so that has brought me some peace of mind. I try to remind myself that any mistake I make now will just be a good story later. I was also nervous about the conditioning required for this trip. I noticed that almost every day on the schedule had an extended hike on it. In preparation for this trip I have been working out and running to ensure that I am up to the challenge. Anyways I hope that my transition to this foreign place is a smooth one. Wish me luck!