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Getting Ready To Leave

Four days before my departure and the feeling of being away from family and friends for 14 weeks is starting to sink in. The stress from finals and pre-departure arrangements put this thought in the back of my mind. Now that finals are over I’ve been able to think about my trip and the experiences I plan to gain. My case is a little special. I will be participating in the China: Global Food and Trade Maymester program in addition to a six week research internship in China. The good thing is that I will be entering China with my peers but once the study abroad program is over they will leave. I play in my head over and over how the departure from my family will occur. Will I cry? Will my parents cry? Wil I be able to stop the tears? Will people be wondering who is this baby walking through the terminals crying her eyes out? I didn’t think any of this would have occurred until I went to Costa Rica Thanksgiving Break 2012 fighting to hold back the tears as I went through security. Who knows, traveling to China may be a different story.

On to a better topic. I’ve also been preparing for my trip by ensuring I have the necessary medications, vaccinations, visa etc. I visited the Allergy and Travel Clinic at UHC Health Center to receive my Hepatitis A vaccine, typhoid prescription, and ciproflaxin to fight against any water borne bacterial infections. Access to money was also a topic that surfaced. I decided to carry some cash (in China’s currency) and withdraw money from the bank periodically. Although I will get charged to withdraw, I feel more comfortable not carrying wads of cash on me in a foreign country. It also helps to make a list of what I need prior to packing to insure that NOTHING is left behind. I’ll let you know how many bags I end up taking. Right now, my estimate is three 🙂 (no judging).

I do not know how I am going to survive the 14 hour flight to Seoul, South Korea (our connection flight). I can barely make a 5 hour flight to California. My mother has suggested books, magazines, puzzles…There’s only so much a girl can do! I’ll let you guys know how that goes!

That’s all I have for now,

Charnae Ross