I have already been on a couple of trips abroad, but never for an extended stay in a county where I don’t know a single word of the language.  My biggest concerns are two fold; packing for the weather and communication while in France.

I don’t know how in the world we are supposed to pack for a trip ever since the airlines implemented so many baggage restrictions.  It is easy to pack for just a few days, and if you can be fairly certain of the weather.  During intermediate months like May, the temperatures could range from cold to hot, so clothing appropriate for all temperatures is required. Packing for cold temperatures requires heavy and bulky attire.  The suitcase size allowed by the airlines will accommodate approximately one coat and nothing else.  To make matters worse, the size of the checked luggage vary from airline to airline. I guess that I could just buy some clothes when I get there, but then there won’t be any room to bring them back.

I only know 2 words of French; “Bonjour” and “Oui”.  “No” is the same as in English, so I guess I know 3 words.   I can just imagine myself standing at an intersection attempting to ask for directions, or wrangling with the foreign airlines about oversized luggage fees.  My parents tell me that English is a second language in most countries around the world, so not to worry.  Well, I will let you know in my next blog.

Au revoir,

(I guess I know 2 more words)

George A. G.

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