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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences students have the rare opportunity to spend spring break traveling and exploring the vast industry that is Georgia Agriculture on the Spring Break Tour Through Georgia Agriculture.

This five-day tour, led by Doug Bailey, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, allows students to visit and meet some industry professionals engaged in a variety of Georgia commodities. The tour changes each year, but in 2019 some of our stops include Lewis Taylor FarmsMercier OrchardsWolf Mountain Vineyards, and many more locations that highlight to diverse areas of agriculture that the state has to offer. In addition to eating the nation’s favorite Chick-fil-A treats, students have the opportunity to see large scale farming operations, experience an alligator farm, and learn from a variety of agricultural professionals throughout the state.

Our hope is that this tour will help students see the value in all sectors of the agriculture industry, from production to tourism to food science and beyond!