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SEPTEMBER- Virtual Roach codevelopers Gene Wright and Joe McHugh in 2022 (left) and during the early days of the VR project (right).

AUGUST– Clayton helps to move specimens out to the GMNH annex building and explores the other treasures there.

SEPTEMBER – Rick and Joe at the UGCA station at Insect-ival 2022 at the Georgia State Botanical Garden.

Insectival 2022

JUNE & JULY – Chandler helped with several projects as a summer intern in the UGCA.

Chandler Curtsinger, Summer 2022

APRIL – Our spring interns explore the collection range after a long semester working up in the Bio. Sciences Building.

MARCH – UGA Insect Enthusiasts Club visits museum for tour of Collection of Arthropods

MARCH – Sorting and upgrading vial-stored specimens generated by decades of aquatic entomology research at UGA

basement vial project
Rick and Joe sort “keepers” from “junkers”

FEBRUARY – Spring interns attack backlog of unlabeled specimens

JANUARY – Welcome Ken McCravy, our newest museum associate

Ken McCravy


JUNE – Firefly watching excursion with the Lund Entomology Club in Monroe, GA

Firefly excursion

May – Dragons and Damsels of Sapelo Project 2022.

APRIL – Emmanuel Arriaga Varela visits the lab to study endomychid beetles.

FEBRUARY – Clayton’s research in Georgia leads to the first record of Dere thoracica, an Asian longhorn beetle, in the Nearctic Region

FEBRUARY – Removal of Clayton’s tree hole boxes

LBJ beetle banner final
From Jacobson G.G., 1905-1915. [The beetles of Russia, West Europe and adjacent countries]. Devrien, St. Petersburg, 1024 pp.]