Photos 2015

DECEMBER – Insect Taxonomy:  Working on final collections (left) and submission deadline (right), UGA

DECEMBER – Mistaking Tommy for a bonobo:  Taxonomic Fail Index = 1.

Lab visitors: 

floyd visits lab 2015
Floyd Shockley returns to lab.

OCTOBER – Insect Taxonomy Field Trip, Sapelo Island, GA (McElrath, McHugh)

AUGUST – Insect Taxonomy Field Trip, State Botanical Garden, Athens, GA (McElrath, McHugh)

JUNE:  Brad visits Royal Museum for Central Africa – Tervuren, Belgium

Around the Lab:  UGA, Athens, GA

Lab Sushi, Athens, GA

UGCA/Lund Club Field Trip, Sapelo Island, GA (McElrath, McHugh)