Lucidota Project: Deploying integrative systematics to untangle Lucidota, the Gordian knot of Neotropical firefly taxonomy. Utilizing museum specimens and newly available material provided by Brazilian and Colombian collaborators to document the firefly groups across South America, discover new species, reveal their evolutionary relationships, and create tools to facilitate future research. National Science Foundation #DEB – 2323041

Lep-Net Project:  Digitization of  North American Lepidoptera specimens in the UGA Collection of Arthropods (UGCA).  National Science Foundation Grant #DBI-1601002


PEET Project, Cerylonid Series:  Building systematics expertise in Cucujoidea (Coleoptera):  Monographic and phylogenetic research in the Cerylonid Series.  National Science Foundation (PEET) Grant #DEB-0329115.

Deretaphrus small cropped

Assembling the Beetle Tree of Life:   A large-scale phylogenetic project to generate a robust estimate of beetle phylogeny that will provide a predictive basis for classification and integration of information on this ecologically and economically important group of insects.  National Science Foundation (ATOL) Grant #DEB-0531768.

Virtual roach

The Virtual Roach:  A Web-based Instructional Tool for the Study of Insect Anatomy.  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grant #98-38411-6727.

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BeetleBellYeasts 1 & 2:  A study of beetles and their yeast endosymbionts from basidiocarp habitats.  National Science Foundation (BS&I) Grants #DEB-0072741  &  DEB-0117180.

From Jacobson G.G., 1905-1915. [The beetles of Russia, West Europe and adjacent countries]. Devrien, St. Petersburg, 1024 pp.]