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OCTOBER- Insect Taxonomy class field trip to Sapelo Island!

OCTOBER- Museum intern, Cullen, processing aquatic insect collection in basement and changing hall display.

SEPTEMBER- Insect Taxonomy class at Southeast Clarke Park.

SEPTEMBER- Virtual Roach codevelopers Gene Wright and Joe McHugh in the early days of the project around 2000 (left) and in 2022 (right).

SEPTEMBER – Insect Taxonomy class at the Georgia State Botanical Garden.

SEPTEMBER – Insect Taxonomy class visits UGA Collection of Arthropods.

SEPTEMBER – Rick and Joe at the UGCA station at Insect-ival 2022 at the Georgia State Botanical Garden.

JUNE & JULY – Chandler helped with several projects as a summer intern in the UGCA.

APRIL – Our spring interns explore the collection range after a long semester working up in the Bio. Sciences Building.

MARCH – UGA Insect Enthusiasts Club visits museum for tour of Collection of Arthropods

MARCH – Sorting and upgrading vial-stored specimens generated by decades of aquatic entomology research at UGA

basement vial project
Rick and Joe sort “keepers” from “junkers”

FEBRUARY – Spring interns attack backlog of unlabeled specimens

JANUARY – Welcome Ken McCravy, our newest museum associate

Ken McCravy


JUNE – Firefly watching excursion with the Lund Entomology Club in Monroe, GA

Firefly excursion

May – Dragons and Damsels of Sapelo Project 2022.

APRIL – Emmanuel Arriaga Varela visits the lab to study endomychid beetles.

FEBRUARY – Clayton’s research in Georgia leads to the first record of Dere thoracica, an Asian longhorn beetle, in the Nearctic Region

FEBRUARY – Removal of Clayton’s tree hole boxes