For questions about disease issues affecting citrus, commercial citrus producers and homeowners in Georgia are encouraged to contact their local UGA Extension Agent (

At UGA, there are currently three diagnostic labs that accept citrus samples from within Georgia:

  1. UGA Plant Pathology Plant Disease Clinic in Tifton
    • Purpose: For routine citrus disease diagnosis. physical disease samples should be submitted through the UGA Extension system.
    • Website
    • Cost: Commercial citrus samples free if submitted through a county extension agent; $10 minimum fee per homeowner samples
    • Contact: Laxmi Pandey, Phone: (229) 386-7495 , E-mail:
    • Address: UGA – Plant Pathology Tifton Plant Disease Clinic, Room 116, 4604 Research Way, Tifton, GA 31793
  2. UGA Plant Pathology Nematode Laboratory
    • Purpose: The Nematode Laboratory provides testing for all samples for nematode analysis
    • Website
    • Cost: $12 minimum fee per sample
    • Contact: Ganpati Jagdale, Phone: (706) 542-9144, Email:, Fax (706) 542-5957
    • Address: UGA – Plant Pathology Nematode Laboratory, 2350 College Station Road, Athens, GA 30602-4356
  3. UGA Plant Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Purpose: For molecular diagnostic samples (including viruses and bacteria), fungicide resistance assays.
    • Website
    • Cost: Fees vary based on testing desired
    • Contact: Alejandra Jimenez Madrid, Phone: (229) 386-3372, Email:
    • Address: Plant Molecular Diagnostic Lab, 115 Coastal Way, Tifton, GA 31794