A program of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, AGL provides:

  1. Cutting-edge knowledge of emerging industry issues and trends.
  2. An understanding of political and agricultural systems.
  3. Industry connections with peers and leaders throughout Georgia.
  4. Multi-faceted leadership development.
  5. Peer coaching and a personal leadership project.

The program fee is $7,000, which can be divided into payments. The international component of the program is included in this fee.

After the program, participants report increased knowledge of their personal leadership behaviors, increased likeliness to pursue further leadership roles, and a greater network across Georgia’s agriculture, forestry and allied sector space.

Study and Travel

Each AGL class is customized to include emerging industry issues and trends while meeting the desired leadership development needs of the selected program participants. The 2025-2026 class is designed as a two-year program with five in-state institutes, a national institute, and an international experience. The curriculum is designed with a variety of interactive sessions, including personality and behavior inventories, media training and team building, all focusing on professional leadership development.

External experiences that expand participants’ industry networks are interwoven throughout the curriculum, which incorporates on-site experiences, small group discussions, guest speakers, expert panels, simulations, tours, and reflection. Sessions are designed to allow participants the opportunity to interact with private business leaders, government leaders, state and federal agency personnel, and university faculty and staff.