Vontice Jackson

District Conservationist,

I have created a tri-fold brochure document that has general information about USDA-NRCS services that is found on our Famers.gov website. The site can be overwhelming to customers who may not know what to look for when searching for USDA-NRCS information. On the brochure, there is a QR code the customers can scan with their smart phone. When they scan the code, it will take them to the digital version of the brochure. Within that brochure, the general information listed will have links to click to access that information. Information such as NRCS and FSA sites, Steps for USDA Conservation Assistance, how to get started with USDA, signup for local Newsletters, 2018 Farm Bill and the Farmers Guide to Farm Bill Programs and Conservation. You can search for your local service center and email the NRCS point of contact.

“The goal of the project is to provide immediate access to USDA-NRCS information by scanning the QR code to access the digital brochure.”