Rawley Hicks

Product Management,
AGCO Corporation

I have rebuilt and renewed AGCO’s focus on Georgia Agriculture through initiatives involving key stakeholders from AGCO with the Georgia Agribusiness Council, the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. These efforts included fostering collaboration through meet-and-greet events between senior leaders and state legislators to strengthen ties and promote the growth of the state’s agricultural sector. AGCO is continuing its commitment to supporting education in agriculture through sponsorships for GA FFA ag mechanics. Lastly, the AGCO Agriculture Foundation will partner with the UGA Innovation Hub to establish avenues that actively enhance our engagement with students, industry specialists, technology startups, and innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

“By fostering a direct connection with these groups, AGCO Agriculture Foundation can enrich the educational experiences, provide valuable insight to startups, and inspire technological advancements for Georgia Agriculture.”