Mitchel Sheffield

Cotton Specialist,

I lead the Staplcotn team in enrolling our members in the National Cotton Councils sustainability program, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP) that focuses on sharing the story of the American cotton farmer. I personally created tools to maximize the effort of our team in signing up as many of our producers within the given enrollment period. The tools I created were YouTube videos, excel spreadsheets, and spearheading gin/grower meetings. In addition to enrollment, producers had the opportunity to sign up for a Climate Smart grant through the USDA that could pay up to $35/acre for each entity enrolled. Staplcotn, being the largest aggregator of USCTP bales, allowed us to be on the front side of this program and gave our leadership a voice to make suggestions, allowing this program to be more user friendly in the coming years. The reason this was important for Staplcotn to be a part of is because it shares the sustainability story for U.S. Cotton and adds value to Staplcotn members.

“The project goal is to take the lead in assisting my Coworkers in enrolling our members in the US Cotton Trust Protocol.”