Megan Green

Owner & Veterinarian,
Evergreen Resource Solutions, LLC

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Lydia’s Place, a local nonprofit that serves young adults aging out of foster care or experiencing housing insecurity between the ages of 17-24. This population of students needs mentorship to help identify career opportunities, and agriculture is the largest contributor to jobs in the state of Georgia. I want to bring together AGL, Lydia’s Place, Embark Georgia, and the Extension Agents and Specialists in a three-pronged approach: Educate: Provide education and share with County Extension Agents; Empower: Leadership Development Night at Lydia’s Place with AGL and Lydia’s Place Students; Connect: UGA Foster Care Students in June 2024 – Attend Leadership & Career Fair Event at Rock Eagle and then finish at Lydia’s Place.

“The goal is to grow awareness around the number of students that are aging out of foster care in the state of Georgia. Show this demographic how important agriculture is to the state of Georgia and together build a network to provide career opportunities for these students to effectively contribute to the advancement of agriculture in our state.”