Kyli Brown

Director, Sales and Operations,
1 DOG Ventures

The Project will include in-person presentations of the diverse opportunities available to college students to enlighten them about the areas of employment that may not have been previously apparent. Georgia’s agricultural community comprises some of the greatest minds from IT, finance, lawyers, engineers, logistic specialists, etc. With the constant and growing demand for skilled labor, there is a need for talented young people to join the State’s thriving agricultural community. The impact will (hopefully) lead to a steady pipeline of talent to Georgia’s agricultural base in hopes of keeping the state among the nation’s leaders in agriculture production.

“The project goal is to present agriculture as a field of employment to students not only in traditional schools (Warnell/CAES), but other schools such as the Scheller Business School at Georgia Tech and the Terry Business School at UGA, via in class presentations of employment opportunities within Georgia’s community of agricultural businesses.”