Jake Tench

Director of Government Affairs,
Georgia Agribusiness Council

This project aims to become more proactive and involved in the growth process of my hometown and current residency, Habersham County. The ultimate goal is to gather a group of like-minded and diverse individuals who have a passion for the county and want what is best for those who call it home. We will meet quarterly to discuss local issues and develop a strategic plan for the community’s future. This group will specifically consist of people from all backgrounds, mostly people who either grew up in the community or have spent many years and are invested in it. We will look at issues such as industry recruitment by ensuring that the industry we are trying to attract will benefit the community, not just be an investment. Another topic we will focus on is engaging with local elected officials during the election process and lobbying for things that can be considered positive growth.

“I look forward to getting more involved with my community and hopefully can help foster a culture that will better the overall quality of life for the citizens and to maintain the community values that make me proud to call it home.”