Dwight Sheppard

Geographic Information Systems Manager,
F&W Forestry

I strongly believe that connecting young adults, military veterans, and other socially disadvantaged individuals with the proper opportunities in the agricultural industry is an effective means of helping them grow and succeed in agriculture. This project will also address the issue of continuity and maintaining an effective and meaningful mentoring/training system to continually support the needs of existing farmers and new farmers in the underserved and underrepresented communities of South Georgia. This project is designed to provide monthly workshops over one year, consisting of either classroom materials and/or a demonstration of how to advance with technology, such as using drones, and with the proper resources, services, training, connectivity, collaborative arrangements, mentoring, and experimental learning.

“Based on collaborative efforts with agricultural agencies like the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the UGA Extension, along with community-based farms and universities, this project has the potential to provide farmers with the necessary knowledge and technological skills to be competitive in our agricultural industry.”