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Risk index

Presented below is a risk index that takes into account of the various management options/decisions and their relative importances.  This index is provided for the most severe production season either fall or spring depending upon where the production occurs.  Except for South Florida, whiteflies and TYLCV incidences are a major problem in the fall season in the remaining areas of the Southeastern United States.  As mentioned in the other tabs, none of the management options are capable of functioning as stand alone options, but using them effectively could help avert risks.  Econometric analyses with cost-benefit factors indicated that at low risk category there is at least an eighty percent chance for obtaining profits.

TYLCV Rx (TYLCV Risk index)

Greenhouse seedling drench Risk points
Exirel 5
Admire Pro 10
No insecticide 20
TYLCV history
No 5
Yes 20
Production pattern
No Summer tomato 5
Summer tomato 15
Silver 5
White 15
Security (R) 5
Shanty (R) 5
Tygress (R) 5
FL 47 (S) 25
Marglobe (S) 25
Quincy (S) 25
Amelia (S) 25
Verimark 5
Sivanto 5
Fulfill 10
Coragen 10
AdmirePro 10
Platinum/Actara 10
Assail 10
Venom 10
Movento 10
Closer 10
Courier 10
Rimon 10
Brigade 15
No insecticides 15
Risk category
Low 30-40
Medium 45-65
High >65